5 ways to treat your woman when broke

Life has become expensive and there is nothing frustrating like a man telling his lady he’s broke and they can’t go for dates or do what they had planned.

Some men don’t even open up about it, they prefer staying quiet and know how to deal with the situation. Men can testify to this, right?

Whether you have been in a relationship for two months, one year or six years, there will always be a point in life that you will go broke and that should not prevent you from enjoying the relationship and making your woman happy. Remember money comes and goes.

If your pockets are financially fixed and you have been wondering how you can treat your woman when broke. Here are five simple ways:

  • Take a tour to places that have a pocket-friendly entry fee

Remember the goal is to make her happy, whether you have money or not.

Kenya has amazing places that are quite affordable and free. They include The Nairobi Museum, The Safari Walk, The Paradise Lost, Uhuru Park, Karura Forest, KICC Roof Top. The list is endless.

At the end of the day, what matters is spending time together and making memories together.

  • Have a movie date at your house

It does not hurt to have a romantic movie date at your house. I mean we are living in the Netflix and chill generation. Go out of your way and make her best meal. She will appreciate that. The little things and efforts always count.

  • Attend free events/concerts together

There are events that are held weekly and during the weekends. Luckily, some of those events are free.

Make sure you do enough research on the events taking place and once you find what will interest both of you, set the date, dress up and go have a lovely time.  Remember, this makes the relationship grow and maintains the spark.

  • Cook-together date

Cooking is an interesting hobby. Some men don’t love the kitchen but do it for your lady. Plan a cooking date where you can cook both one of your favourite meals or try a new recipe that won’t make you spend too much. If you are a competitive couple, you can cook different delicacies and time yourselves. How fascinating is that?

  • Visit a children’s home

A children’s home is an interesting place to go because you get to give to the needy, especially if both of you have old clothes, books or souvenirs.

This will also give you a chance to be with children and if you both want kids in future you will definitely enjoy it!

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