Extravaganza hit-maker Crystal Asige says she lost friends after loss of eyesight

Extravaganza hit-maker Crsytal Asige has spoken out about the challenges she faced after losing her eyesight.

In an interview with KTN News, Crystal said it was had to adjust into life as a blind girl as her friends felt like she was a burden to them.

“I became invisible to many people, just because I couldn’t see it was like I was no longer existing to them,” said Crystal.

The musician also said her friends felt she was no longer a fun person as usual as she couldn’t go out and engage in some of their activities.

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The artiste said she was rejected in the jobs she applied even though her CV was great as she had completed a degree course.

“They would call me in after seeing my CV but when I reported for the interview and they find out I was blind, they would dismiss me,” she said.

However, Crystal says she got her strength in God who has guided her through her career and life journey.

Crystal’s mother also surprised her with a call live on air at KTN News, saying how proud she was of her daughter.

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“Crystal is a loving daughter who is strong and determined. As her family, we support her in everything she is doing,” Crystal’s mum said.

Crystal lost her vision at the age of 16 to Glaucoma.

Glaucoma is an eye disease that is as a result of progressive damage to the optic nerve.

Although irreversible, if detected early through screening it can be treated. In Kenya alone, over 20,000 cases are reported every year.

Crystal refers to herself as VIP (Visually Impaired Person) ambassador. Despite her loss of eyesight she is a singer, producer, songwriter and voice coach who does her work well.

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