Ex-Sudanese President Al-Bashir to face corruption charges

Former Sudanese President Omar Al Bashir Omar al-Bashir will be presented to court next week on the charges of corruption and possession of foreign currency.

According to Sudan’s prosecutor, Al-Waleed Ahmed, the investigations on these charges are complete. However, he did not say the exact date.

After Al-Bashir’s ouster in April, Sudan’s army ruler General Abdel Fattah al-BurhanĀ said millions of dollars were retrieved from the dictator’s residence.

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Al-Bashir was toppled from his dictatorial presidential rule on April 11 after nationwide protests.

Al-Waleed also said Bashir is still under investigation on charges such as killing of protestors and illegal possession of land.

According to CNN, Sudan is now in turmoil as bloodshed reigns in the region.

In a recent event, Sudan paramilitary group opened fire on a pre-democracy sit-in at Khartoum killing 118 people.

Netizens are calling for powerful countries such as the United States to intervene and end the situation in Sudan.

These netizens have changed their profile picture to blue as they show solidarity for men and women of Sudan fighting for freedom.

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