Fake Sh1,000 new currency notes hit the market

Fake notes are now in circulation alongside the new real notes that were released by the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK).

A post doing rounds on social media shows the counterfeit of Sh1,000 note.

The fake Sh1,00 note. [Source: Justice for Kenyans Twitter page]

New cartels have already mastered the manipulation of the new currency which have unique themes and security features.

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CBK Governor Patrick Njoroge had said the new notes have iconic images such as KICC which will help combat the manufacturing of counterfeit money in Kenya.

A twitter post alleging that a Kenyan has been conned Sh17,000 by being given a fake note of the new currency.

However, it seems people are still not aware of the unique features that will protect them against being victims of counterfeit money.

A sample of the fake notes doing circulation. [Source: That Sheriff Twitter page]

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