Kenyans criticize Ringtones’ poor grammar following his arrest in Karen

On Monday afternoon, Kenyans could not decide whether to address Ringtone Apoko’s bad grammar or attention-seeking behaviours.

The controversial gospel artist was arrested for allegedly ‘prostituting’and causing confusion at Cooperative University, Karen.

However, as he announced the news on his Instagram page, he made several grammatical errors which annoyed Kenyans.

The gospel artiste is alleged to have dodged paying advertising fees, causing him to be arrested by the City Council of Nairobi.

On Ringtone’s Instagram Page, the artist is seen holding a placard advertising that he is looking for a wife.

Many Kenyans were also annoyed by his attention-seeking theatrics and told him that he had taken it too far.

Ringtone publicly announced that he was looking for a wife on Betty Kyallo’s show.

“I hope from your program I will get a wife,” the gospel singer said on the Upclose with Betty show.

The ‘Tenda Wema’ hit maker also said he wants seven children.

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