Where Kenya stands in the fight against air pollution

The United Nations reports that around 600,000 deaths in Africa are caused by air pollution.

WHO on the other hand estimates that air pollution is responsible for 7 million deaths every year worldwide.

African countries might be the worst affected by the effects of air pollution due to the scarcity of data and information on matters air quality. This means that most Africans do not fully comprehend the health risk that comes with air pollution.

People might not even be aware that kerosene, which is used in millions of homes are is a deadly threat.

WHO reports that the level of fine particulate matter in Nairobi’s outdoor air is 17 micrograms per cubic meter (µg/m3). This is 70% above the recommended maximum level.

In 2017, Kenya alongside other East African countries in switching to low sulphur fuels which is expected to reduce vehicle emissions by 90%.

In June 2017, a report by Eco Experts ranked Kenya as the least toxic country in the world. The list took into account air pollution, energy consumption and renewable energy production.

This even as the nation joins the rest of the world in marking World Environment Day with calls for environmental preservation from various stakeholders.

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