Male beauty products linked to infertility

The use of male beauty products could be causing infertility among men, a new study says.

According to a new research called Mossman-Pacey paradox men who use steroids and anti-balding damage their fertility.

The desire to look amazing, younger and attractive has pushed Kenyan men into indulging in beauty products.

It is common to see Kenyan men on Instagram posting pictures of their well molded chests and shoulders with tight muscles.

The pressure to look fine has made them to forego the long and strenuous process at the gym and embrace steroids which give them stronger muscles in less than a month.

Man in Gym lifting weights Image: Health Magazine

Therefore, Kenyan men are also at risk of being infertile as most of them have currently embraced anabolic steroids and finasteride.

The men who are also using products to prevent pattern baldness are at risk of having erectile dysfunction.

The irony is that these men think they are attracting the opposite sex with their beauty efforts when they are actually killing their fertility.

Prof Pacey who initiated the research told the BBC that the youth need to be more careful when using these beauty products.

“It keeps cropping up in clinics and the message is not getting out to young men that it’s a problem and a bit of info could save them a lot of heartache.”

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