Uganda protests ‘invasion’ by Rwandan soldiers

Uganda has protested against an invasion by Rwandan soldiers on its territory.

The said invasion has reportedly led to the death of two, one of them being a Ugandan national.

Two Rwandan soldiers entered Ugandan territory in the southwestern district of Rukiga on Friday in pursuit of a suspected smuggler, the Ugandan Foreign Affairs Ministry said.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs said: “Uganda protests in the strongest terms the violation of its territorial integrity by Rwandan soldiers and the criminal, brutal and violent act by the Rwandan soldiers, on Ugandan territory against unarmed civilians.”

It described the incident as being of “serious concern,” calling it an “incident of murder.”

“The ministry demands that action be taken against the perpetrators of this attack.”

Rwanda Foreign Minister Richard Sezibera, however, denied that any such incident took place.

He called the story fake and said no such thing happened, adding that detailed response would be forthcoming.

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