The adverse effects of skin bleaching

The East African Legislative Assembly passed a resolution banning the manufacture and importation of beauty products and soaps that have bleaching agents.

The resolution will become a law if the heads of state of member countries approve it.

Many black people are currently embracing skin bleaching due to the pressure to have lighter skin pigment.

However, unknown to them, skin bleaching products have elements such as hydroquinone which causes skin cancer. Here are some side effects of skin bleaching.

  • Allergic reactions such as skin burning and itching.
  • Weight gain due to increase in appetite
  • Severe birth defects as the cream can get into the mother’s bloodstream and affect the baby.
  • A bleached skin is more sensitive to the sun due to the effects of mercury found in the bleaching products. Mercury destroys the melanin that protects the skin from extreme sun burns.
  • The components of skin bleaching agents like hydroquinone cause skin cancer, acne and cataracts.

Tanzania is the only East African country which has banned the importation of skin bleaching agents.

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