Mistakes preventing vegans from losing weight

You have shifted from eating meet food to plant-based dies but you do not see any significant change in your weigh loss. Here are the mistakes most vegans make that hinder their weigh loss journey:

Inadequate protein: Plant diet will not enable you to meet the daily level of protein. Remember proteins are responsible for your increase in muscle mass. Therefore, ensure that you eat more legumes, beans, lentils and peas to make up for the meat you do not consume.

Plant junk food: You may not be eating food based on meat but you are consuming plant-based junk food. This will slow down your weight loss process. Plant junk food such as potato chips are high in calories and added sugar.

Large portions: When your nutrients consumption surpasses your body needs then you will gain weight. According to Health Republic, most vegans take a lot of veggies, nuts and fruits that are not recommended for their age, sex or body weight thus failing to lose weight.

Drinking excessively: Plant-based consumers have many beverages to choose from. Drinking a lot of coconut water, green juices and cold brew will make you add more calories. These drinks restricts your efforts to cut weight.

Just as eating meet requires discipline so does being a vegan. Ensure you avoid the listed pitfalls by developing good habits that will give you the results you desire.

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