Why mental health is more than mental illness

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Mental health conversations have always been suppressed by the Kenyan society due to inadequate knowledge and the stigma associated with it.

This stigma is mostly caused by the misconception that mental health is only limited to mental illness commonly referred to as “madness”.

As the mental health month comes to an end we seek to address this myth by listing the 3 common types of mental illness:

  • Bipolar disorder: This an emotional conditions where those affected experience extreme moods. This extremes can be high or low. The low extremes lead to depression while the high episodes lead to over-activeness.
  • Anxiety: Anxiety disorders cause a person to worry even about things that can easily pass as irrelevant. This disrupts their ability to work, sleep and maintain relationships. Its symptoms include shortness in breath and trembling hands.
  • Schizophrenia: This is the most common type of mental disorder that causes someone to have an altered version of reality. Its symptoms are delusions and hallucinations. As much as it can be treated, it is long-term and can lead to disability.

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