How to protect your child from possible kidnapping

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Families undergo trauma and bouts of depression when there child goes missing. Thoughts of whether their child is still alive or not fill their minds. 

Kenya was ranked number 17 out of 19 countries in Africa in a survey on the rate of kidnapping conducted by the National Crime and Research Centre.

Therefore, our children’s security is still an issue and parents can use the following tips to ensure the safety of their children:

  • Have a safe word: A stranger may ask your child to accompany them and claim you have sent them. Give your child a safe word that anyone else who picks them has to say before he/she accompanies them.
  • Pay for the school bus or bodaboda: The school bus will drop and pick your child reduces greatly the chances of your child being kidnapped. You can also use a specific bodaboda with a person the child is familiar with.
  • You should also ensure you know your child’s friends, their parents and your neighbor’s. This will ensure you protect your child from any suspicious individuals.
  • Ensure your door is always locked even during day hours.
  • Check out their home play zones to know if it is safe and make sure they have an early curfew.

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