Looking for your next vacay destination? Head to Marsabit County

Forget the coastal towns and safari road trips to Maasai Mara, Naivasha and Nakuru. Marsabit county is the place you need to visit.

Quiet town with rich history, Marsabit is located 550 kilometers north of Nairobi.

The second largest county in Kenya is named after an Ethiopian farmer who was called ‘Marsa’.

Here are some places you should visit in Marsabit.

  1. Marsabit National Park. This park has densely populated forested mountains and three crater lakes which are the only permanent surface of water in the region. You can engage in game viewing, hiking and bird watching and even hold special events at the venue.
An elephant at Marsabit National Park. Photo: Kenya Safari
  1. Chalbi Desert. A small desert near the border with Ethiopia. It is one of the hottest and the most arid places in Kenya. The desert covers an area of approximately 100,000 kilometers square. It is enriched with coarse sand, rocks and clay and is sorrounded by volcanic hills.
The Chalbi Desert. Photo: KWS
  1. Desert Museum. This unknown gem is managed by the National Museums of Kenya and the county government of Marsabit. It is filled with historical scenes and sites that will be a paradise for all lovers of history.
Desert Museum in Marsabit. Photo: Business Daily

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