Sleuths raid house in Ngong where stolen cars are dismantled and parts sold.

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Detectives arrested 4 suspects in connection to the crime who are being investigated.

A motor vehicle registration No. KBX 449A which was reported stolen from Central Police Station area on April 7, 2019 was also recovered on site.

The initial car colour was white but DCI found it changed to black and number plates changed to KCL 390P. The suspects intended to sell the vehicle to an unsuspecting buyer for Sh6.5million.

The Association of Kenya Insurers (AKI) approximates that at least 100 cars are reported as stolen to insurance companies per month. The numbers are probably higher when you consider the fact that those inform their insurers about their lost vehicles have comprehensive insurance and hence qualify for compensation. The rest end their cases at the police station where they get the standard “we will circulate the number plate” answer.

According to data from AKI, the more expensive your car is, the less likely it is to be stolen. Cars with an engine capacity of above 2000cc and whose origin is Europe or the US are also unattractive to thieves.

expensive cars are unattractive to thieves

“Seventy-one percent of vehicles reported stolen in the country are Toyotas followed by Isuzu (seven percent) and Nissan (five percent). The rest constitute 17 percent cumulatively,” says AKI

White toyota, a favorite color for thieves

Additionally, insurers say white remains the favorite color for thieves (50 percent), followed by silver (21 percent). They also add that 66 percent of cars are stolen while parked, especially in public places like entertainment joints and churches, while 13 percent are hijacked.

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