How to tell your better half their breath absolutely stinks

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When your partner is the one with bad breath. [Source/]

At some point, we have all had stinking breathe, especially when we wake up first thing in the morning. But since we are conscious about it, we go ahead and brush our teeth.

However, there are people who produce bad breathe even after brushing their teeth. Ironically, most of these people do not even realize their breathe is making others uncomrtable. It can be a complete turn off especially when that person comes close to you. But what if that person is your better half? How do you tell them?

1. Approach the subject with caution

Do not just go ahead to condemn their bad breath. Approach the problem from a point of concern. Marriage Therapy Radio podcast co-host Brittle advises one to say: “I feel concerned about your breathe, especially when it keeps me from being close to you, and I need us to explore ways to make sure it doesn’t keep us apart.” That way, you make it about your relationship and not about their breathe.

2. Tell them in private

Being told your breathe stinks can be embarrassing and can alter your partner’s ego or self-esteem. So do it in private.

3. Schedule a dentist appointment for the both of you

If your patner’s foul breath is as a result of dental problems like cavities or poor hygiene practices, book an appointment with the dentist. While there, the actual problem will be diagnosed and treated.

4. Compromise

If the bad breath is as a result of health issues such as chronic sinuses and certain medication, be considerate. This is because they may not have control over the bad breathe. You can give them solutions to the problem such as giving them some mint.

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