Four reasons why transparent cars will flop in Kenya

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The first transparent car was manufactured by a German company by the name ZF. While unveiling the car, the manufacturers said it is made of durable glass and is equipped with different security systems.

The car might have been a big hit in Europe but might face numerous challenges in Africa, specifically in Kenya. Below are the reasons why the transparent car will be a big miss.

Lack of privacy.

The truth is Kenyans don’t mind their own business. Anybody with a transparent car will be subjected to the horror of constant prying, stares and whispers from the general public.

Calculated theft.

There is no group more determined in this nation than thieves and robbers. Having a transparent car means your property will be in full glare of thieves who will find a way of breaking into the car and stealing. Some people might even be tempted to throw stones at the glass exterior to see whether or not it will shutter.

The car is complicated.

Given the numerous systems used to run the car, Kenyans will easily shy away from it. Kenyans might not appreciate controlling a car that functions almost the same way as a jet.

Poor roads

All the potholes and bad roads will definitely provide a challenge to the glass-made car. Plus, on rainy days, the owners will experience muddy nightmares!


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