Champions League finals: Wanyama Vs Origi, how they compare in key areas

Kenyans are eagerly awaiting June 1, as sons of the soil Victor Wanyama and Divock Origi meet when Tottenham Hotspurs take on Liverpool in the UEFA Champions League Finals in Madrid, Spain.

The news of the two clubs qualifying for the finals excited Kenyans who took to various social media platforms to show support for the local boys.

Below are some of the stats that compare the two players.


Wanyama was born in June 25, 1991, making him 27 years old while Origi was born in April 18, 1995 and is now 24 years.


Wanyama rose to fame when he started playing for Scottish club Celtic where he was a fan favourite. He then moved to Southhampton FC where he was spotted by Tottenham. Origi, on the other hand, began his career in France in 2013 where he played for Lille before moving to Liverpool.


Wanyama has only scored six goals for Hotspurs since 2016 while Origi has scored 27 goals for the Reds since 2017.

Best goals

Wanyama had the goal of the month when he scored a stunner against Liverpool in an EPL match in February 2018.

Origi had a dramatic goal when he scored against Everton in December 2018. The goal had Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp celebrating, a celebration that had him fined £8,000.


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