Kenyans seeking US citizenship to face tougher scrutiny, sit exams

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Kenyans will find harder to migrate to the US if the proposed immigration rules which include sitting an examination are approved by congress.

The green cards will not be issued to Kenyans randomly but based on one’s skills, education level, and investment prospects.

On Thursday, Trump unveiled a proposed American immigration system in which one of the proposed changes is a reduction of Green Cards issued. The new rules propose that the cards should not exceed 1.1 million people a year.

The proposal will also affect undocumented Kenyans who are already in the U.S as the policy says immigrants with illegitimate claims will be taken back home.

On approval, Kenyans will be required to be knowledgeable in written and spoken English. They will also have to pass a civic examination before being admitted to the U.S

According to Trump, random selection of immigrants is contrary to the American value and should be abolished.

“This system will attract the best and the brightest from all around the world and will not be based on humanitarian or family ties requirements,” said Trump in the White House Rose Garden.

The proposal states that only 10 per cent of visas will be given based on humanitarian needs, 33 per cent on family ties and 57 per cent to people with skills.

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